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Figure 7

From: Walsh-synthesized noise filters for quantum logic

Figure 7

UWMFs. Concatenation scheme for universal noise suppression. (a) Concatenation of \(\mathrm{WPMF}^{(c)}_{1}\equiv\mathrm{SK1}\) within \(\mathrm{WAMF}_{0,3}^{(1)}\) sequence yielding \(\mathrm{UWMF}_{1,SK1}\). White fill indicates rotations enacted with \(\phi= 0\); orientation of hatching denotes SK1 phase flips \(\phi= \pm \phi _{\mathrm {SK1}}\). (b) Filter-transfer functions for \(\mathrm{WPMF}^{(c)}\equiv\mbox{ SK1}\) sequence. (c) Filter-transfer functions for four-segment \(\mathrm{WAMF}_{0,3}^{(1)}\) sequence. (d) Filter-transfer functions for concatenated sequence.

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