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Figure 2

From: A coherent perceptron for all-optical learning

Figure 2

Amplifier circuit and bias-gain characteristic. Part (a) shows two identical single mode Kerr-nonlinear optical resonators symmetrically placed in the two arms of an interferometer. Part (b) gives the phase sensitive amplifier gain \(g_{rr}(\epsilon_{0})\) (green, solid) and the \(g_{ir}(\epsilon_{0})\) (red, dashed) as a function of the bias photon input rate normalized by the drive power at which dynamic resonance occurs. For completeness we also provide \(g_{ri}\) (black ×’s) and \(g_{ii}\) (black dots). The detuning has been chosen such that \(g_{rr}^{\mathrm{max}} = g_{rr}(\epsilon_{0}^{\mathrm{max}})=20\). The dashed blue envelope gives the maximal input output gain achievable between any two signal quadratures at that bias. Note that \(g_{rr}\) vanishes at \(\epsilon_{0}/\epsilon _{0}^{\mathrm{max}}\approx0.8\).

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