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Figure 3

From: A coherent perceptron for all-optical learning

Figure 3

The NOPO’s signal output \(\pmb{\xi=\sqrt{\kappa}\alpha_{s}}\) lives on a circular manifold parametrized by Φ (a, upper figure). Vacuum input shot noise leads to small fluctuations perpendicular to the manifold and diffusion along it. Mixing this signal output with a constant bias offset on a beamsplitter produces two outputs with anti-correlated total amplitude (a, lower figure). When both outputs are used to drive a complementary pair of tunable amplifiers whose outputs are subtracted, the overall real-to-real quadrature gain (green) of the system varies from positive to negative values (b). We can also see that the real-to-imaginary gain (dashed red) stays small for all NOPO phases, which allows us to efficiently subtract it downstream by the quadrature filter. The imaginary to real and imaginary gains are also plotted.

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