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Figure 2

From: Gold/diamond nanohybrids for quantum sensing applications

Figure 2

Laser heating and temperature sensing of a GNR-FND on a glass substrate. (a) Typical ODMR spectra of a spin-coated GNR-FND before and after heating by a CW 808 nm laser. The ODMR peak shifted to the lower frequency as the NIR laser power was increased from 0 to 1.8 mW. Dimensions of the GNRs are 10 nm × 41 nm. (b) Temperature rise of FND in the GNR-FND as a function of the 808 nm laser power. The temperature rise gradually leveled off as the laser power exceeded 0.8 mW, an indication of shape deformation of the GNR. Inset: A typical fluorescence image of the spin-coated particle (denoted by the yellow arrow) used to obtain the ODMR spectra. The image size is 10 × 10 μm2.

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