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Figure 1

From: Magnetic ordering of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond via resonator-mediated coupling

Figure 1

Schematic setup. (a) Schematic set up of a hybrid NV and mechanical resonator system. A magnet attached to the end of the mechanical resonator is positioned at a distance 25 nm above the NV centers, coupled to the electronic spin of the defect centers. (b) The NV defects in the samples. The defects have one preferred orientations in the sample, \([111]\). A static magnetic field \(B_{\mathrm{NV}}\) is applied along the \([111]\) direction. (c) Schematic energy levels of NV centers as a function of the magnetic field. The \(B_{\mathrm{NV}}\) is taken so that the states \(|1\rangle\) and \(|0\rangle\) of the NV centers are nearly degenerate.

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