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Figure 6

From: Longitudinal spin relaxation in nitrogen-vacancy ensembles in diamond

Figure 6

\(\pmb{T_{1}}\) relaxation near zero magnetic field. (a) An example of the ODMR spectrum in a magnetic field of 44 G applied in the [111] direction (sample E2) with low MW power. At higher MW power different relaxation rates were measured for different resonances: (b, c) relaxation rates \(T_{1}^{-1}\) as a function of the strength of the magnetic field for the external (full dots) and internal (open triangles) components of the ODMR spectrum at 77 K (blue) and 296 K (red). (c) Central region near zero field where the ODMR lines overlap (shaded area). For \(\mathrm{B}=0\), the external and internal ODMR components are degenerate and the points representing corresponding relaxation rates overlap.

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