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Figure 8

From: Longitudinal spin relaxation in nitrogen-vacancy ensembles in diamond

Figure 8

Possible cross-relaxation channels for interaction between two NV \(\pmb{^{-}}\) centers: NV1 aligned along the magnetic field B and NV2 aligned at ≈109° relative to B. The solid arrows show where NV dipole-dipole \(T_{1}\) decay is enhanced by resonance / line crossings at specific ODMR transitions which become degenerate in magnetic field of: 595 G for transitions \(|0\rangle \leftrightarrow | {-}1\rangle\) and \(|\varphi+\rangle \leftrightarrow |\varphi-\rangle\) (red), \(|0\rangle \leftrightarrow | {+}1\rangle\) and \(|\varphi+\rangle \leftrightarrow |\varphi0\rangle\) (blue), and at zero field for both transitions (green).

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