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Figure A.1

From: Longitudinal spin relaxation in nitrogen-vacancy ensembles in diamond

Figure A.1

The dependencies of the \(\pmb{T_{1}^{-1}}\) rates as a function of temperature. Relaxation rates \(T_{1}^{-1}\) at magnetic field \(\mathrm{B}=10\mbox{ G}\) directed along the [100] direction as a function of temperature (a), and as a function of the estimated NV concentration for \(T=77\mbox{ K}\) (b). For comparison, we also plot previously reported experimental data from Ref. [26], obtained with samples S2, S3, and S8 at \(\mathrm{B}=25\mbox{ G}\) for various temperatures (c), and values of \(\mathrm{A}_{1}\) for \(T=10\mbox{ K}\) and different NV concentrations (d).

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