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Figure 2

From: Neutral impurities in a Bose-Einstein condensate for simulation of the Fröhlich-polaron

Figure 2

Loading curve and histogram of the high gradient MOT. (a) Typical loading trace of the single atom MOT. After 8 s a first atom is loaded into the MOT and in steps of 3-5 s an atom is gained. The time is binned in 110 ms to collect enough fluorescence photons. (b) Histogram of the electron count rate taken over 30 traces with 267 data points each. The red solid line shows a Multi-Gaussian fit to the data. (c) Probabilities for each atom number obtained from the area of each peak in the multi-Gaussian fit (gray bars) and from a Poisson distribution (red bars) with mean atom number \(n=1.23\), calculated from the histogram.

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