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Figure 4

From: Neutral impurities in a Bose-Einstein condensate for simulation of the Fröhlich-polaron

Figure 4

Lifetime of Cs in presence of a cold Rb cloud. The graph shows the probability of recapturing Cs atoms from the dipole trap after they have been stored together with a cold Rb cloud for a given ‘interaction time’. Without Rb present in the trap, the survival probability is 0.69 (dashed gray). For a Rb cloud in \(|{F=1,m_{F}=0}\rangle \) with \(38{,}000\) atoms at a temperature of \(T=3\mbox{ }\mu\mbox{K}\) at trap frequencies of \(\omega= 2 \pi\times (63,1{,}300,1{,}300 )\mbox{ Hz}\) and a peak density of \(\rho_{0} = 1.3 \times10^{13}\mbox{ cm}^{-3}\), the fit reveals a lifetime of \(\tau= 112\mbox{ ms}\) for Cs atoms in \(|{F=3}\rangle \).

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