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Figure 1

From: Quantum teleportation of propagating quantum microwaves

Figure 1

Scheme of the proposed quantum teleportation protocol. The generation of an EPR state is obtained by amplifying the orthogonal vacuum quadratures of A and B with two Josephson parametric amplifiers (JPAs). The generated entanglement is then shared between Alice and Bob. Alice uses this resource to perform a Bell-type measurement with the state that she wants to teleport. This is realised by superposing her two signals with a beam splitter, and then measuring a quadrature in each of the outputs. The quadrature measurement is performed via amplifying the signal with a JPA and a HEMT amplifier in series, and then measuring via homodyne detection. Finally, after a classical transfer of Alice results, a local displacement on the Bob state is needed to conclude the protocol. The figure indicates where losses (labelled as \(\eta_{A,B} \), α, β) may be present.

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