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Figure 4

From: Quantum teleportation of propagating quantum microwaves

Figure 4

Scheme of the analog feedforward. Here, Alice is not digitising the signals, but is amplifying and superposing them. The output signal is robust to the environment noise, and it contains all the information that Bob needs to perform the local displacement. This displacement is then implemented with a high transmissivity directional coupler, whose inputs are the signal of Bob, and the output signal of Alice. In the figure, \(\hat{a}_{F}\) is the output signal of Alice, \(\hat{a}_{B}\) is the signal of Bob, \(\hat{a}'_{B}\) is the output of the teleportation scheme, while \(\tau \simeq1\) is the transmissivity and \(S_{ij}\) the scattering matrix of the directional coupler.

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