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Figure 10

From: Methodology for bus layout for topological quantum error correcting codes

Figure 10

Optimal scalable TLR scheme for the surface code. The problem is first solved for the couplings between qubits of unit cell 0 and the rest of the lattice, and then we have translated the result to cover the whole lattice. This results is equivalent to the one originally proposed in Ref. [13]. The TLRs are represented by solid lines and the squares denote the starting and ending points of TLRs. Note that rotating each individual four-qubit TLR by 90 degrees leads obviously to another optimal solution. The two-qubit TLRs on the edges and the three-qubit TLRs on the corners (purple) have been put by hand, since a full optimization solution of a smaller surface code lead to such a pattern of boundary two- and three-qubit TLRs. Indeed, it seems clear that this solution at the boundaries remains optimal for a larger surface code.

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