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TableĀ 6 Optimal TLR scheme for the set of couplings \(\pmb{\mathcal{P}_{\mathrm{swpapping}}^{0}}\) , i.e., for couplings between qubits in the unit cell 0 and the rest of the lattice

From: Methodology for bus layout for topological quantum error correcting codes

Length of the TLR Qubits contained inside the TLR wire
3.57 a.u. \(i_{0,6}\), \(\alpha_{0,9}\), \(i_{2,5}\), \(\alpha_{3,7}\), \(i_{3,1}\)
3.15 \(\alpha_{1,9}\), \(\alpha_{1,7}\), \(i_{1,6}\), \(i_{1,5}\), \(\alpha_{0,7}\)
3.48 \(\alpha_{2,7}\), \(\alpha_{2,5}\), \(i_{0,1}\), \(\alpha_{0,9}\), \(i_{0,6}\)
2.52 \(i_{0,5}\), \(\alpha_{4,0}\), \(i_{4,6}\), \(\alpha_{4,8}\), \(\alpha_{4,9}\)
3.80 \(i_{17,1}\), \(i_{6,6}\), \(\alpha_{6,9}\), \(i_{5,1}\), \(i_{0,5}\)
1.44 \(\alpha_{0,8}\), \(\alpha_{0,7}\), \(\alpha_{1,4}\), \(i_{0,1}\)
1.15 \(\alpha_{0,4}\), \(i_{0,5}\), \(\alpha_{0,5}\)
  1. By translating this TLR scheme to the remaining unit cells of the lattice, one obtains an optimal TLR scheme for the entire lattice that avoids doubled TLRs.