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TableĀ 7 The set \(\pmb{\mathcal{P}^{0}_{\mathrm{surface}}}\) of couplings between qubits of the unit cell 0 and the rest of the lattice to measure plaquette and star operators of the surface code, see FigureĀ  9

From: Methodology for bus layout for topological quantum error correcting codes

Qubit q in unit cell 0 Qubits to which q couples
\(i_{0,1}\) \(\alpha_{0,1}\), \(\alpha_{0,2}\), \(\alpha_{3,1}\), \(\alpha_{2,2}\)
\(\alpha_{0,1}\) \(i_{0,1}\), \(i_{0,2}\), \(i_{1,1}\), \(i_{2,2}\)
\(i_{0,2}\) \(\alpha_{0,1}\), \(\alpha_{0,2}\), \(\alpha_{1,2}\), \(\alpha_{4,1}\)
\(\alpha_{0,2}\) \(i_{0,1}\), \(i_{0,2}\), \(i_{4,1}\), \(i_{3,2}\)