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Figure 14

From: Macroscopic Quantum Resonators (MAQRO): 2015 update

Figure 14

Top view of the optical bench. The optical bench is \(20\times20\mbox{ cm}^{2}\) large. UVR: UV mirrors; R: IR mirrors; DR: dichroic mirrors; DWR: dual-wavelength mirrors; UVC: UV couplers; IRC: IR couplers; WP: quarter-wave plates; F: lenses; FT: base-plate feed-through S: spacers holding cavity mirrors. The mirrors R1 and R2 form a high-finesse IR cavity containing several modes (violet beam path originating at IRC1). DWR1 and DWR2 form a low-finesse cavity for IR light. The IR beam is indicated in light red, originating from IRC3 and coupled in again at IRC4. The UV beam originates at UVC1. The red-shaded, broad path indicates scattered-light imaging.

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