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Figure 2

From: Macroscopic Quantum Resonators (MAQRO): 2015 update

Figure 2

Comparison of \(\pmb{\Lambda_{\mathrm{min}}}\) with the predictions of several collapse models. We compare the minimum decoherence parameter needed to be experimentally discernible (black, solid line) with the decoherence parameters predicted for the CSL model with \({\lambda= 2.2\times10^{-17}\mbox{ Hz}}\) (black, dashed), the quantum-gravity model of Ellis et al. (blue, long dashed), the model of Diósi & Penrose (red, dot-dashed), and the model of Károlyházy (green, dotted). Where models predict a higher decoherence rate than \(\Gamma_{\mathrm{min}}\), one can, in principle, distinguish them from the predictions of quantum physics.

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