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Table 1 Overview of the scientific requirements of MAQRO

From: Macroscopic Quantum Resonators (MAQRO): 2015 update

Parameter Requirement
Nominal mission lifetime (without possible extension) 2 years
Environment temperature <20 K
Acceleration sensitivity  along UV cavity  along IR cavity  perpendicular to optical bench \({\lesssim}1\mbox{ (pm/s}^{2}\mbox{)/}\sqrt{\mbox{Hz}}\) \({\lesssim}100\mbox{ (pm/s}^{2}\mbox{)/}\sqrt{\mbox{Hz}}\) \({\lesssim}5\mbox{ (nm/s}^{2}\mbox{)/}\sqrt{\mbox{Hz}}\)
Optical-trapping occupation number  along cavity  orthogonal to cavity 10 104
Test particles  Mass  Charge  Type  Size  Temperature 108 amu to 1010 amu 0 e dielectric, transparent at 1,064 nm 30 nm to 120 nm 25 K
Period of phase grating 100 nm
Accuracy of position detection  along UV cavity  along IR cavity  perpendicular to optical bench 20 nm 100 nm 60 μm
Time for on-demand particle loading 100 s
Measurement time per data point 100 s
Vacuum - particle density <500 cm−3