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Table 2 Overview of the technical requirements of MAQRO

From: Macroscopic Quantum Resonators (MAQRO): 2015 update

Parameter Requirement
Nominal mission lifetime (without possible extension) 2 years
Environment temperature <20 K
Acceleration sensitivity  along UV cavity  along IR cavity  perpendicular to optical bench \({\lesssim}1\mbox{ (pm/s}^{2}\mbox{)/}\sqrt{\mbox{Hz}}\) \({\lesssim}100\mbox{ (pm/s}^{2}\mbox{)/}\sqrt{\mbox{Hz}}\) \({\lesssim}5\mbox{ (nm/s}^{2}\mbox{)/}\sqrt{\mbox{Hz}}\)
Optical-trapping occupation number  along cavity  orthogonal to cavity 10 104
Period of phase grating 100 nm
Accuracy of position detection  along UV cavity  along IR cavity  perpendicular to optical bench 20 nm 100 nm 60 μm
Time for on-demand particle loading 100 s
Measurement time per data point 100 s
Vacuum - particle density <500 cm−3
IR-cavity finesse 3 × 104
IR + UV-cavity finesse for IR 30
IR + UV-cavity finesse for UV no UV cavity
  1. See also Table 1.