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Figure 1

From: Multi-qubit joint measurements in circuit QED: stochastic master equation analysis

Figure 1

Piecewise-quadratic input pulse, described by \(\pmb{t_{\mathrm{on}}}\) / \(\pmb{t_{\mathrm{off}}}\) (times at which the measurement is turned on and off), σ (the rise/decay time of the pulse), and \(\pmb{\epsilon_{\mathrm{ss}}}\) , the steady-state amplitude. For the remainder of the article, we set \(( t_{\mathrm{on}}, t_{\mathrm{off}}, \sigma, \epsilon _{ss} ) = ( \frac {1.5}{\chi}, \frac {8.5}{\chi}, \frac {3}{\chi}, \frac {0.4811}{\sqrt {\chi}} )\). An additional time \(\frac {3.5}{\chi}\) is appended, to allow photons to exit the resonator.

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