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Figure 3

From: Quantum interferences reconstruction with low homodyne detection efficiency

Figure 3

Interference witness. \(\operatorname {Av}(\langle\hat{O}_{\alpha}\rangle_{\mathrm{rec}}) - \frac{\mathrm {e}^{-2|\alpha|^{2}}}{1+\mathrm {e}^{-2|\alpha|^{2}}}\) as a function of β. The error bars represent \(\operatorname {Sd}(\langle\hat{O}_{\alpha}\rangle_{\mathrm{rec}})\). For each β, \(M=100\) set of n noisy quadrature data have been considered. The square markers refer to \(\eta= 0.45\) (\(n=16 \times10^{6}\) blue marker and \(n=5 \times10^{5}\) green markers) while the round ones refer to \(\eta= 0.95\) (\(n=16 \times10^{6}\)). The error bars for \(\eta= 0.95\) have been multiplied by 20 in order to make them more visible.

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