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Figure 2

From: Thermal noise in BEC-phononic gravitational wave detectors

Figure 2

Time evolution of the optimal bound for the strain sensitivity as provided by the QFI for \(\pmb{n=1}\) , \(\pmb{m=2}\) , \(\pmb{T=0}\) (blue, solid), \(\pmb{T=150~\mbox{nK}}\) (red, dashed), \(\pmb{m=6}\) , \(\pmb{T=0}\) (black, solid), \(\pmb{T=150~\mbox{nK}}\) (green, dotted) and (a) \(\pmb{r=10}\) , \(\pmb{\omega_{1}=5 \cdot 10^{3}~\mbox{Hz}}\) , (b) \(\pmb{r=10}\) , \(\pmb{\omega_{1}=5\cdot 10^{2}~\mbox{Hz}}\) , (c) \(\pmb{r=2}\) , \(\pmb{\omega_{1}=5 \cdot 10^{3}~\mbox{Hz}}\) .

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