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Figure 8

From: Quantum simulation of the Anderson Hamiltonian with an array of coupled nanoresonators: delocalization and thermalization effects

Figure 8

Illustration of the proposed layout and experimental protocol for implementing the simulation of the Anderson Hamiltonian. (a) Sample layout. The voltage-biased nanoresonator array would be capacitively-coupled to one pad of transmon’s shunt capacitor \(C_{Q}\). The transmon would also be capacitively-coupled to a CPW cavity for read-out. Note that layout is not drawn to scale - an array of 40 nanoresonators would extend only several microns along the transmon pad. (b) Protocol for preparing an initial photon excitation in a nanoresonator (\(\omega_{i}\)) and detecting the phonon after delay time \(\tau_{d}\) in a second nanoresonator (\(\omega_{j}\)). The transmon transition energy \(\nu_{a}\) would be controlled by application of flux ramp \(\Phi(t)\) to the transmon. Note the ramp rates as shown are not drawn to scale.

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