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Figure 5

From: Reliability of analog quantum simulation

Figure 5

FIM properties for the AQS model \(\pmb{\{H_{3}, D\}}\) at half-filling, for a \(\pmb{2\times3}\) lattice with periodic boundary conditions and \(\pmb{t^{0}=1}\) . (a) Orbits under the symmetry operations for this model. The dotted green lines indicate periodic boundary conditions. Lattice sites and couplings that lie in the same orbit are identically colored. There are three distinct orbits in this example. (b) Eigenvalues of the FIM for this model at different values of \(U^{0}\), for \(\beta=1\), 10, with the three largest eigenvalues colored. (c) Composition of the influential CPD in terms of the original underlying Hamiltonian parameter variations, for \(\beta=10\). \(\Delta t_{\mathrm{vert}}\) denotes all the vertical coupling terms (i.e. \(\Delta t_{12}, \Delta t_{34}, \Delta t_{56}\)), and \(\Delta t_{\mathrm{horiz}}\) denotes all horizontal coupling terms.

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