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Figure 3

From: Nearly optimal measurement schemes in a noisy Mach-Zehnder interferometer with coherent and squeezed vacuum

Figure 3

Log plot of phase variance for various detection schemes for a coherent state and squeezed vacuum into an MZI, as a function of the average coherent photon number, \(\pmb{|\alpha|^{2}}\) , shown in the very large power regime. Total loss parameters have been set to \(L=20\%\). We have assumed one can set the control phase to its optimal value, to obtain the best phase variance in each measurement choice. Squeezing strength in the squeezed state is set to \(r=1\). Note that Parity is now not able to achieve even sub-SNL, due to loss, while homodyne and intensity difference quickly approach the QCRB (appear on top of one another). SNL and QCRB are also plotted with the same lossy parameters.

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