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Figure 3

From: Characterizing the attenuation of coaxial and rectangular microwave-frequency waveguides at cryogenic temperatures

Figure 3

Illustration of analysis procedure for representative modes. Absolute value squared of the measured transmission \(\vert S_{21} \vert ^{2}\) (dots) versus frequency ν at the indicated resonances for CC141Al (RT) and modes numbers \(n=\{26, 61, 90\}\). The arrows indicate the full width at half maximum from which we extracted \(Q_{\mathrm{i}}\). \(\nu_{\mathrm{res}}\) is the center frequency of the resonance. The line is the absolute value squared of the simultaneous fit of the real and imaginary part of the \(S_{21}\) scattering parameter (see Appendix 2 for details).

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