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Figure 5

From: Characterizing the attenuation of coaxial and rectangular microwave-frequency waveguides at cryogenic temperatures

Figure 5

Frequency and temperature dependence of quality factors of niobium-titanium coaxial line CC085NbTi. (a) Measured (\(Q_{\mathrm{i}}\)) internal and (b) external quality factors (\(Q_{\mathrm{e}}\)) of coaxial line CC085NbTi versus frequency ν extracted from the spectra at RT (blue dots), at 4K (green dots) and BT (orange dots). The solid (dashed) black lines are fits to the loss model which assumes \(R_{\mathrm{s}}^{\mathrm{sc}}(\nu) \propto\nu^{2}\) \((R_{\mathrm {s}}^{\mathrm{sc}}(\nu) \propto\nu^{\mathrm{p}})\).

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