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Figure 6

From: Characterizing the attenuation of coaxial and rectangular microwave-frequency waveguides at cryogenic temperatures

Figure 6

Comparison of measured attenuation constants. Attenuation constant α (dots) extracted from measurements at frequency ν for CC085Cu, CC141Al, CC085NbTi, CC085Nb, WR90Alc, WR90Al and WR90CuSn. (a) shows the measurement results at approximately \(4\ \mbox{K}\) and (b) the measurement results at BT. The attenuation constant α is plotted in \(\mbox{dB}/\mbox{m}\) in a log-plot to cover the full range of measured losses. The solid lines are calculated from the fits to \(Q_{\mathrm{i}}\) measurements using the same model as for the data.

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