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Figure 4

From: Robust quantum state engineering through coherent localization in biased-coin quantum walks

Figure 4

Panels (a)-(c): Probability distributions for the DTQW with initial walker state \(\pmb{\vert {0} \rangle_{p} \otimes \vert {\phi} \rangle_{c}}\) for \(\pmb{N=100}\), \(\pmb{\theta =2\pi/5}\) and a growing noise amplitude. We have taken \(f = 0.05\) in panel (a), \(f = 0.5\) in panel (b), and \(f=1\) in panel (c). Panels (d)-(f): Same as above but for \(\theta=\pi/4\), thus implementing a Hadamard walk. Panels (g)-(i): Same as above but for \(\theta=\pi/20\). In each case we have obtained these results by averaging over 100 realizations of the noise-affected walk.

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