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Figure 10

From: Nanobob: a CubeSat mission concept for quantum communication experiments in an uplink configuration

Figure 10

The secure secret key rate for three different values of the dark count rate as a function of the link attenuation (solid curve: 100 cps; dotted curve: 250 cps; dashed curve: 1000 cps per detector). (a) For the conservative parameters of Table 3 and \(\tau = 1~\mbox{ns}\) and \(\mu = 0.1 \) (\(R_{\text{pair}} = 10^{8}~\mbox{s}^{-1}\)), (b) same, except for \(\tau = 200~\mbox{ps}\) and \(\mu = 0.06\) (\(R_{\text{pair}} = 3\cdot 10^{8}~\mbox{s}^{-1}\))

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