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Figure 4

From: Engineering cryogenic setups for 100-qubit scale superconducting circuit systems

Figure 4

Components for thermalization of RF cables and attenuators, and pre-assembly of cable trees. (a) CAD drawing of the Cu plate used to mount and thermalize attenuators. To clamp the attenuators to the copper plate, an adapter as shown in (d) is used. The Cu plates are then fixed on the corresponding plate of the DR using screws. (b) Photograph of a mounting plate with cabling installed in the DR. (c) Photograph of the same plate, here used to clamp RF cables using the radiation tight Cu adapter pieces shown in (d). (d) Two-part Cu adapter which is pressed around an RF cable using the wedge shaped piece in the middle in combination with a screw (see also (a))). (e) Preassembly tool with mounted Cu plates and vacuum flange. (f) Vacuum flange with vacuum tight SMA adapters installed. (g) Mounting the preassembled cable tree into the DR using a custom mounting tool

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