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Figure 5

From: Engineering cryogenic setups for 100-qubit scale superconducting circuit systems

Figure 5

Thermal noise photons and signal dissipation. (a) Thermal noise photon number \(n_{\mathrm{MXC}}\) at 6 GHz for four attenuator configurations C1-C4 in the drive lines (see text). Taking into account attenuation in the cables reduces \(n_{\mathrm{MXC}}\) to the values indicated by the dashed bars. (b) Dissipated power divided by cooling power on the indicated stages of the DR due to the operation of 25 drive lines with signal levels translating into an average power level of −78 dBm at the input of the quantum processor. Calculations for the indicated four attenuator configurations C1-C4 are shown

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