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Table 2 Passive heat load per line. Passive heat load (HL) of cable types installed in the DR, as inferred from observed temperature increases after the installation of individual cable trees into the DR. The upper and middle sections of the table refer to 0.085” diameter stainless steel coaxial cable (UT-085-SS-SS) with attenuator configurations used in drive lines and flux lines, respectively. Indicated errors include statistical errors between different cooldowns and reflect run-to-run temperature variations on the stages of the DR. The intervals of estimated heat loads correspond to calculations of lower and upper bounds (see text for details)

From: Engineering cryogenic setups for 100-qubit scale superconducting circuit systems

  50 K 4 K Still CP MXC
Drive line UT-085-SS-SS      
 Measured HL 45(34) mW 1.0(5) mW 4(3) μW 0.4(2) μW 0.013(6) μW
 Estimated HL 24–27 mW 0.4–1.9 mW 1.6–2.1 μW 0.33–0.60 μW 0.004 μW
Flux line UT-085-SS-SS      
 Measured HL 56(39) mW 1.2(8) mW 2(1) μW 0.3(1) μW 0.029(5) μW
 Estimated HL 24–27 mW 0.4–1.9 mW 1.6–2.1 μW 0.24–0.33 μW 0.005–0.282 μW
Output line UT-085-NbTi      
 Measured HL 0.3(3) μW 0.020(16) μW
 Estimated HL 0.18–0.31 μW 0.002–0.322 μW