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Figure 3

From: Optomechanically induced transparency and nonlinear responses based on graphene optomechanics system

Figure 3

(a) to (c) show the normalized magnitude of the cavity transmission \(\vert t \vert ^{2}\) as a function of probe-cavity detuning \(\Delta _{s}\) for three different pump powers \(P_{\mathrm{in}}=0\), 0.1, 0.3 nW. (d) The phase of the cavity transmission as a function of \(\Delta _{s}\) with pump power \(P_{\mathrm{in}}=5\) nW, and (e) the group delay as a function of the pump power \(P_{\mathrm{in}}\). (f) The magnified transparency window as a function of \(\Delta _{s}\) at \(\Delta _{p}=- \omega _{m}\) for \(P_{\mathrm{in}}=0.3\), 0.32, 0.34, 0.36 nW, respectively. All the figures are at the condition blue sideband \(\Delta _{p}=-\omega _{m}\)

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