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Table 1 Comparing BB84-AES, BB84 with biased bases, SARG04 and BB84 with decoy states. It is possible to combine biased basis and decoy state BB84, with sifting efficiency \({\lim_{N\rightarrow\infty}\zeta= \operatorname{Prob} (\operatorname{Signal} )}\)

From: A quantum key distribution protocol for rapid denial of service detection

 BB84-AESBiased Basis BB84SARG04Decoy State BB84
Mathematical Security with One-Time PadPC (short term) IT (long term)IT– (low loss) IT (higher loss)IT
Mathematical Security with AES-GCMPCPC– (low loss) PC (higher loss)PC
Endpoint Denial of Service ResistanceYesNoNoNo
Photon Number Splitting ResistanceTwo-photonNoTwo-photonYes
Sifting Efficiency (ζ)100%\({\lim_{N\rightarrow\infty}\zeta=100\%}\)25%\(\frac{1}{2}\times\operatorname{Prob} (\operatorname{Signal} )\)
Requires Hardware ChangesNoSometimesNoYes
  1. † Here, long-term security works under the assumption that the scheme was not broken at the time of key exchange.
  2. Key: IT = Information Theoretic; PC = Practical Computational; – = Unproven.