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Table 1 List of basic parameters of strontium atom interferometer designs for AEDGE and a benchmark 1-km terrestrial experiment using similar technologies: length of the detector L; interrogation time of the atom interferometer \(T_{\text{int}}\); phase noise \(\delta \phi _{\text{noise}}\); and the total number of pulses \(n_{p}^{ \text{max}}\), where n is the large momentum transfer (LMT) enhancement and Q the resonant enhancement. The choices of these parameters predominately define the sensitivity of the projection scenarios [40]

From: AEDGE: Atomic Experiment for Dark Matter and Gravity Exploration in Space

Sensitivity scenarioL [m]\(T_{\text{int}}\) [sec]\(\delta \phi _{\mathrm{noise}}\) [\(1/\sqrt{\text{Hz}}\)]\(n_{p}^{\text{max}}=2Q(2n-1)+1\) [number]
Earth-km200050.3 × 10−540,000
AEDGE4.4 × 10730010−51000