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Table 1 Examples of gate-based approaches for developing quantum computers

From: Quantum technologies in the telecommunications industry

Superconducting Spin Topological Ion Trap Neutral atoms Photonics
Superpositions of currents flowing in superconductors Qubits encoded in the spin degree of freedom (e.g electrons confined in quantum dots, NV centers, nuclear spin in NMR or impurities embedded in a substrate) Topological quasi-particles (e.g., Majorana particles) Ions trapped in electric fields (vacuum and lasers manipulate quantum states) Atoms trapped in magnetic or optical fields (vacuum and lasers mani-pulate quantum states) Qubits encoded in quantum states of photons
 IBM Intel Microsoft IonQ Pasqal Psi Quantum
 Rigetti Quantum Brilliance   Honeywell ColdQuanta Xanadu
 Google SpinQ   AQT QuERA ORCA
 Alibaba      Quandela