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Table 2 Examples of applications domains for Quantum Technologies

From: Quantum technologies in the telecommunications industry

Domains Quantum communications Quantum computing Quantum simulation Quantum sensing & metrology
Telecom and ICT Quantum safe communication (e.g., QKD, QRNG) Infrastructure optimization planning and operations; Artificial Intelligence (AI) Infrastructure simulations: e.g., traffic, energy, resources … Clock synchronization; more accurate sensors
Industry 4.0 Quantum safe communication (e.g., QKD, QRNG) Optimization planning and operations; Artificial Intelligence (AI) Industrial processes simulations Quantum Twin Automation; more accurate sensors
Precision Medicine and Biology Security and protection of patients’ data Improved diagnostics; drug design Proteomics, Genomics, Drug simulations Improved sensing for diag-nostics imaging
Energy, Oil and Gas Security for critical infrastructure Optimization; Logistics Predictions and risks analysis Through-ground imaging
Finance Secure transactions Portfolio management Portfolio management and trading simulations Clocks for trade synchronization
Smart Cities and Transport Security and data protection Traffic, resources optimization complexity management Predictions and risks analysis Timing synchronization; more accurate sensors; quantum LiDAR