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Table 3 Initial Use Case Portfolio: A wide variety of optimization, simulation, and machine learning problems exist in the value-chains across the German industry. While impact in the next 5 years is low, several high-impact use cases have been identified

From: Industry quantum computing applications

Challenge Problem Domain Company Use Case Impact
Engineering & Design Machine Learning AIRBUS QC for Surrogate Modeling of Partial Differential Equations High
Optimization AIRBUS Wingbox Design Optimization High
Bosch Software Testing and Correctness Proving Medium
Simulation Bosch Design Optimizations for Electric Drives Using Numerical Simulation and Finite Element Methods Medium
Merck Identification and control of Actionable Parameters for Disease Spread Control Unknown
Material Science Optimization Boehringer Ingelheim Optimized Imaging – Quantum-Inspired Imaging Techniques Medium
Simulation BASF Quantum Chemistry – Prediction of Chemical Reactivity in Molecular Quantum Chemistry High
Boehringer Ingelheim Molecular Dynamics – Simulation of the Dynamics of Molecules High
Merck Development of Materials and Drugs Using Quantum Simulations Medium
Munich Re Battery Cover – Performance Guarantees for eVehicle Batteries Medium
VW Chemistry Calculation for Battery Research High
Production & Logistics Machine Learning Siemens QaRL – Quantum-assisted Reinforcement Learning – Applicable to many Industrial Use Cases Medium
Optimization BASF Fleet Management – On-site Truck and Machine Deployment and Routing Medium
BMW Robot Production Planning – Robot path Optimization for Production Robots (e.g., PVC sealing robot) Medium
BMW Vehicle Feature Testing – Optimizing Test Vehicle Option Configuration Medium
BMW Shift Scheduling – Optimizing Labour Shift Assignments Medium
Infineon Demand Capacity Match in Supply Chain – Decide on a Production Plan given Predicted Customer Demand Medium
Infineon Using Infineon Sensors and Actuators to Optimize Supply Chain Processes on the Customer Side Medium
Munich Re Transportation Cover – Insurance of Time-Critical Freight Medium
SAP Logistics – Truck Loading Medium
SAP Supply Chain Planning – Improved and Accelerated Sizing of Orders (Lot Sizing) High
Siemens QoMP – Quantum-optimized Matrix Production – Realtime Shop Floor Optimization Medium
VW Vehicle Routing Problem – Optimize Vehicle Utilization in a Transport Network High
Post-Quantum Security Cryptography Munich Re IoT Cyber Cover – Insurance of Post Quantum Cryptography Medium