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Figure 3

From: Controlling the dynamic range of a Josephson parametric amplifier

Figure 3

Parametric amplifier gain. (a) G Δ = | g S , Δ | 2 vs. pump tone detuning δ and drive strength ξ at zero signal detuning Δ and for κ=γ. For increasing drive strength ξ the detuning for maximum gain is indicated by the dashed white line. A cut through the data for the highest value ξ=0.98 ξ crit is shown as the solid white line in the bottom part. (b) Gain as a function of signal detuning Δ for the indicated drives strengths ξ/ ξ crit and optimal pump detuning. The exact gain curves (solid lines) are well approximated by Lorentzian lines (black dashed lines).

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