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Special Issue on Quantum Magnetometers

Edited by Svenja Knappe and Kasper Jensen 

Quantum sensing of magnetic fields is one of the fast-moving areas of Quantum Technologies. The Special Issue contains submissions on Quantum Magnetometers devices that utilize a quantum system, coherence and/or entanglement to measure magnetic fields with advanced properties compared to classical devices.

This special issue contains Research Articles of experimental and theoretical work within the topic of Quantum Magnetometers. Possible subtopics include, but are not limited to:

  • Optically-pumped magnetometers, including those based on cold atoms, hot atomic vapors, and trapped ions.
  • Solid-state quantum magnetometers, including those based on NV centers and superconducting and spin qubits.
  • Applications of quantum magnetometers, including biomedical applications such as brain imaging (magnetoencephalography MEG).
  • Quantum-enhanced techniques including those involving entanglement or squeezing.