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Table 1 Parameters of airborne QKD

From: Airborne quantum key distribution with boundary layer effects

Payload Parameter Description Value
Aircraft v Flight speed 0.7 Ma
h Relative flying height 10 km
\(\rho _{h}\) Air density 0.413 kg/m3
d The shortest horizon distance between the aircraft and the ground station 10 km
Photon Source \(D_{T}\) Diameter of the transmitter telescope 0.05 m
\(\delta _{T}\) Transmitter pointing precision [22] 150 μrad
λ Transmitter wavelength 1550 nm
\(\omega _{0}\) Waist radius 0.0158 m
\(r_{0}\) Fried parameter in zenith [50] 0.2 m
Ground station \(D_{R}\) Diameter of the receiver telescope 0.3 m
\(e_{d}\) System detection error rate 1%
\(p_{d}\) Dark count rate 2 × 10−6
\(\eta _{d}\) Detector efficiency 15%
\(\eta _{s}\) Receiving optical module efficiency 60%
Protocols μ Intensity of signal states 0.8
ν Intensity of decoy states 0.1
N System repetition rate 100 MHz
\(P_{s}\) Probability of signal states 50%
\(P_{d}\) Probability of decoy states 25%
\(P_{v}\) Probability of vacuum states 25%