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Figure 1

From: Thermalization of strongly interacting bosons after spontaneous emissions in optical lattices

Figure 1

Example of heating and relaxation dynamics. We consider a system with particles on sites and that is initially in its ground state and subjected to heating with different scattering rates for a short time of , as sketched in panel (a). (b) Depending on this leads to an increase in energy. (c) Evolution of the quasi-momentum distribution during the heating period (). The tails are lifted due to the localization of particles. (d) Relaxation dynamics of after the heating is switched off. The system relaxes to a broadened distribution at (t-DMRG results, bond-dimension, quantum trajectories). (e/f) Relaxation of a large q component of the quasi-momentum distribution after a single spontaneous emission on an arbitrary site (we consider a weighted ensemble average of jumps on the different sites). The dashed horizontal line indicates the equilibrium value (Monte-Carlo calculation). Thermalization only occurs in the superfluid regime (e), and not in the Mott insulating regime (f) [t-DMRG results, bond-dimension, for (e), (f)].

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