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Figure 4

From: Thermalization of strongly interacting bosons after spontaneous emissions in optical lattices

Figure 4

Dynamics after a single spontaneous emission. (a) Time-evolution of the probability of doubly occupied sites after a single spontaneous emission in the center of a 48 site system with . This observable reveals doublon-holon pair wave-packets, which propagate freely through the system in opposite directions until they reach the boundary (dashed white line: analytical result for the light-cone in the thermodynamic limit). (b) Comparison of the corresponding time-evolution of the difference of the kinetic energy to the ground-state. The grey line shows the time-independent analytical result for the thermodynamic limit. The dots show the numerical result right after the jump and the blue line indicates the values that develop before boundary effects become important (, see inset). (t-DMRG calculation converged with , .)

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