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  1. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Deep Space Quantum Link mission concept enables a unique set of science experiments by establishing robust quantum optical links across extremely long baseli...

    Authors: Makan Mohageg, Luca Mazzarella, Charis Anastopoulos, Jason Gallicchio, Bei-Lok Hu, Thomas Jennewein, Spencer Johnson, Shih-Yuin Lin, Alexander Ling, Christoph Marquardt, Matthias Meister, Raymond Newell, Albert Roura, Wolfgang P. Schleich, Christian Schubert, Dmitry V. Strekalov…
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2022 9:25
  2. We study potential security vulnerabilities of a single-photon detector based on superconducting transition-edge sensor. In one experiment, we show that an adversary could fake a photon number result at a cert...

    Authors: Poompong Chaiwongkhot, Jiaqiang Zhong, Anqi Huang, Hao Qin, Sheng-cai Shi and Vadim Makarov
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2022 9:23
  3. The progress of charge manipulation in semiconductor-based nanoscale devices opened up a novel route to realise a flying qubit with a single electron. In the present review, we introduce the concept of these e...

    Authors: Hermann Edlbauer, Junliang Wang, Thierry Crozes, Pierre Perrier, Seddik Ouacel, Clément Geffroy, Giorgos Georgiou, Eleni Chatzikyriakou, Antonio Lacerda-Santos, Xavier Waintal, D. Christian Glattli, Preden Roulleau, Jayshankar Nath, Masaya Kataoka, Janine Splettstoesser, Matteo Acciai…
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2022 9:21
  4. We examine the prospects of utilizing matter-wave Fabry–Pérot interferometers for enhanced inertial sensing applications. Our study explores such tunneling-based sensors for the measurement of accelerations in...

    Authors: Patrik Schach, Alexander Friedrich, Jason R. Williams, Wolfgang P. Schleich and Enno Giese
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2022 9:20
  5. Quantum optimal control, a toolbox for devising and implementing the shapes of external fields that accomplish given tasks in the operation of a quantum device in the best way possible, has evolved into one of...

    Authors: Christiane P. Koch, Ugo Boscain, Tommaso Calarco, Gunther Dirr, Stefan Filipp, Steffen J. Glaser, Ronnie Kosloff, Simone Montangero, Thomas Schulte-Herbrüggen, Dominique Sugny and Frank K. Wilhelm
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2022 9:19
  6. Rolling bearing is an indispensable part of the contemporary industrial system, and its working conditions affect the state of the entire industrial system. Therefore, there is great engineering value to resea...

    Authors: Yuanyuan Li, Liyuan Song, Qichun Sun, Hua Xu, Xiaogang Li, Zhijun Fang and Wei Yao
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2022 9:18
  7. We propose a set of protocols for quantum anonymous veto (QAV) broadly categorized under the probabilistic, iterative, and deterministic schemes. The schemes are based upon different types of quantum resources...

    Authors: Sandeep Mishra, Kishore Thapliyal, Abhishek Parakh and Anirban Pathak
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2022 9:14
  8. The detection of variations of fundamental constants of the Standard Model would provide us with compelling evidence of new physics, and could lift the veil on the nature of dark matter and dark energy. In thi...

    Authors: G. Barontini, L. Blackburn, V. Boyer, F. Butuc-Mayer, X. Calmet, J. R. Crespo López-Urrutia, E. A. Curtis, B. Darquié, J. Dunningham, N. J. Fitch, E. M. Forgan, K. Georgiou, P. Gill, R. M. Godun, J. Goldwin, V. Guarrera…
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2022 9:12
  9. We propose a superconducting circuit architecture suitable for digital-analog quantum computing (DAQC) based on an enhanced NISQ family of nearest-neighbor interactions. DAQC makes a smart use of digital steps...

    Authors: Jing Yu, Juan Carlos Retamal, Mikel Sanz, Enrique Solano and Francisco Albarrán-Arriagada
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2022 9:9
  10. Quantum algorithms for the pricing of financial derivatives have been discussed in recent papers. However, the pricing model discussed in those papers is too simple for practical purposes. It motivates us to c...

    Authors: Kazuya Kaneko, Koichi Miyamoto, Naoyuki Takeda and Kazuyoshi Yoshino
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2022 9:7
  11. Combinatorial optimization models a vast range of industrial processes aiming at improving their efficiency. In general, solving this type of problem exactly is computationally intractable. Therefore, practiti...

    Authors: David Amaro, Matthias Rosenkranz, Nathan Fitzpatrick, Koji Hirano and Mattia Fiorentini
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2022 9:5
  12. Electromagnetic filtering is essential for the coherent control, operation and readout of superconducting quantum circuits at milliKelvin temperatures. The suppression of spurious modes around transition frequ...

    Authors: Sergey Danilin, João Barbosa, Michael Farage, Zimo Zhao, Xiaobang Shang, Jonathan Burnett, Nick Ridler, Chong Li and Martin Weides
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2022 9:1
  13. Accurate and efficient preparation of quantum state is a core issue in building a quantum computer. In this paper, we investigate how to prepare a certain single- or two-qubit target state from arbitrary initi...

    Authors: Run-Hong He, Rui Wang, Shen-Shuang Nie, Jing Wu, Jia-Hui Zhang and Zhao-Ming Wang
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:29
  14. Semi-quantum key distribution (SQKD) is used to establish a string of shared secret keys between a quantum party and a classical party. Here, we report the first proof-of-principle experimental demonstration o...

    Authors: Siyu Han, Yutao Huang, Shang Mi, Xiaojuan Qin, Jindong Wang, Yafei Yu, Zhengjun Wei and Zhiming Zhang
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:28
  15. Quantum mechanics offers new opportunities for diverse information processing tasks in communication and computational networks. In the last two decades, the notion of quantum anonymity has been introduced in ...

    Authors: Awais Khan, Uman Khalid, Junaid ur Rehman, Kyesan Lee and Hyundong Shin
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:27
  16. With the substantial progress of terrestrial fiber-based quantum networks and satellite-based quantum nodes, airborne quantum key distribution (QKD) is now becoming a flexible bond between terrestrial fiber an...

    Authors: Hui-Cun Yu, Bang-Ying Tang, Huan Chen, Yang Xue, Jie Tang, Wan-Rong Yu, Bo Liu and Lei Shi
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:26
  17. Quantum computing promises to overcome computational limitations with better and faster solutions for optimization, simulation, and machine learning problems. Europe and Germany are in the process of successfu...

    Authors: Andreas Bayerstadler, Guillaume Becquin, Julia Binder, Thierry Botter, Hans Ehm, Thomas Ehmer, Marvin Erdmann, Norbert Gaus, Philipp Harbach, Maximilian Hess, Johannes Klepsch, Martin Leib, Sebastian Luber, Andre Luckow, Maximilian Mansky, Wolfgang Mauerer…
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:25
  18. Quantum technology is an emergent and potentially disruptive discipline, with the ability to affect many human activities. Quantum technologies are dual-use technologies, and as such are of interest to the def...

    Authors: Michal Krelina
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:24
  19. We build and test a single-photon detector based on a Si avalanche photodiode Excelitas 30902SH thermoelectrically cooled to −100C. Our detector has dark count rate below 1 Hz, ...

    Authors: Elena Anisimova, Dmitri Nikulov, Simeng Simone Hu, Mark Bourgon, Sebastian Philipp Neumann, Rupert Ursin, Thomas Jennewein and Vadim Makarov
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:23
  20. Continuous-variable quantum key distribution (CV-QKD) provides a theoretical unconditionally secure solution to distribute symmetric keys among users in a communication network. However, the practical devices ...

    Authors: Daniel Pereira, Margarida Almeida, Margarida Facão, Armando N. Pinto and Nuno A. Silva
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:22
  21. SpinQ Gemini is a commercial desktop quantum computing platform designed and manufactured by SpinQ Technology. It is an integrated hardware-software system. The first generation product with two qubits was lau...

    Authors: Shi-Yao Hou, Guanru Feng, Zipeng Wu, Hongyang Zou, Wei Shi, Jinfeng Zeng, Chenfeng Cao, Sheng Yu, Zikai Sheng, Xin Rao, Bing Ren, Dawei Lu, Junting Zou, Guoxing Miao, Jingen Xiang and Bei Zeng
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:20
  22. Quantum based technologies have been fundamental in our world. After producing the laser and the transistor, the devices that have shaped our modern information society, the possibilities enabled by the abilit...

    Authors: Vicente Martin, Juan Pedro Brito, Carmen Escribano, Marco Menchetti, Catherine White, Andrew Lord, Felix Wissel, Matthias Gunkel, Paulette Gavignet, Naveena Genay, Olivier Le Moult, Carlos Abellán, Antonio Manzalini, Antonio Pastor-Perales, Victor López and Diego López
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:19
  23. Given the recent breakthroughs in quantum technology development in R& D labs all over the world, the perspective of high-tech companies has changed. Product development is initiated next to the existing research

    Authors: Garrelt J. N. Alberts, M. Adriaan Rol, Thorsten Last, Benno W. Broer, Cornelis C. Bultink, Matthijs S. C. Rijlaarsdam and Amber E. Van Hauwermeiren
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:18
  24. Quantum phase estimation is a paradigmatic problem in quantum sensing and metrology. Here we show that adaptive methods based on classical machine learning algorithms can be used to enhance the precision of qu...

    Authors: Nelson Filipe Costa, Yasser Omar, Aidar Sultanov and Gheorghe Sorin Paraoanu
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:16

    The Correction to this article has been published in EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:17

  25. We present a miniaturized quantum key distribution system, designed to augment the more mature quantum key distribution systems currently commercially available. Our device is designed for the consumer market,...

    Authors: David Lowndes, Stefan Frick, Andy Hart and John Rarity
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:15
  26. Quantum computing technologies pose a significant threat to the currently employed public-key cryptography protocols. In this paper, we discuss the impact of the quantum threat on public key infrastructures (P...

    Authors: Sergey E. Yunakovsky, Maxim Kot, Nikolay Pozhar, Denis Nabokov, Mikhail Kudinov, Anton Guglya, Evgeniy O. Kiktenko, Ekaterina Kolycheva, Alexander Borisov and Aleksey K. Fedorov
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:14
  27. Avalanche photodiodes (APDs) are well-suited for single-photon detection on quantum communication satellites as they are a mature technology with high detection efficiency without requiring cryogenic cooling. ...

    Authors: Ian DSouza, Jean-Philippe Bourgoin, Brendon L. Higgins, Jin Gyu Lim, Ramy Tannous, Sascha Agne, Brian Moffat, Vadim Makarov and Thomas Jennewein
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:13
  28. In order to qualify quantum algorithms for industrial NP-Hard problems, comparing them to available polynomial approximate classical algorithms and not only to exact exponential ones is necessary. This is a gr...

    Authors: Constantin Dalyac, Loïc Henriet, Emmanuel Jeandel, Wolfgang Lechner, Simon Perdrix, Marc Porcheron and Margarita Veshchezerova
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:12
  29. Trapped atomic ensembles are convenient systems for quantum information storage in the long-lived sublevels of the electronic ground state and its conversion to propagating optical photons via stimulated Raman...

    Authors: Árpád Kurkó, Peter Domokos, András Vukics, Thomas Bækkegaard, Nikolaj Thomas Zinner, József Fortágh and David Petrosyan
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:11
  30. We explore the optical response of a multimode optomechanical system with quadratic coupling to a weak probe field, where the cavity is driven by a strong control field and the two movable membranes are, respe...

    Authors: Yongchao Zhang, Zhipeng Zhu, Yuanshun Cui, Hualing Yu, Cheng Jiang and Xiufeng Cao
    Citation: EPJ Quantum Technology 2021 8:7

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